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Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Watercolor Painting: Purple Mountains

Several weeks ago Dear One asked if I had seen the watercolor painting class advertised on the Listserve.  With his encouragement (he sent me the description) I registered for the class, a two-hour class with artist Jennifer Brown.  Last week was the class.

Jennifer is a very positive teacher. She was encouraging to all of us, starting us off with some brushwork studies then a couple of other exercises then asked us to start a painting.  She  had told us that we need to be very aware of values, perhaps more aware of values than of colors.  She showed us some famous paintings that gave us the idea.  Some of those old guys have a reverse-L of dark value then some light and medium values then back to dark values.

This is my first effort.  It is also a sample of going too far, or rather, not letting well enough alone!

Try to disregard the computer keyboard in the foreground. That is NOT part of the painting!!!

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