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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Handwork: The Lace Doilie Pink and Green Quilt

Years ago I saw some wonderful crocheted doilies at a store near home.  Some were pinks.  Some were greens.  Some were ecru.  I thought they would make a nice accent to a quilt I wanted to make.

I found burgundy, pink and two green fabrics that went with the doilie colors.  Yay!

The outer (invisible) sashing is light green then dark green.

Taking a large square of each of the fabrics, close to ten inches across, I appliqued--by machine--the lace onto the squares then cut the fabric/lace across in both directions.  I then set them together with smaller squares of fabrics.  Sashing around the central medallion then another round of the leftover lace/fabric squares made a nice quilt.  There were thick sashings around the outside so the quilt became 120 by 120 inches. 

Detail on the lace doilie applique.

Finally we have a king-sized bed and can use it without tripping over the overhang!

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