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Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Spinning Fiber: Using The Yarn

This going to the spinning group thing is a mixed blessing!  I love going to spin with the nice people.  I love working with the fiber.  I don't love that there are not more hours in the day when I feel like spinning, washing, carding, skeining, knitting up projects.

Since our last spinning group meeting, I have progressed on the hat project BUT only a few inches. I had hoped to have it mostly done before the next meeting, BUT (again!) I will not be there since Spinning is this week!

Where I am on the hat band....

Added to the quick time frame between meetings, I managed to do some wretched thing to my arm which is making needlework not so much fun.  Maybe I will complain to my doctor when I see her this week.  She always has good ideas that help me.

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