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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Handwork of a Different Kind: Boo Boo

Recently I was doing a chopping/slicing-vegetable project. I was kind of pressed for time, at least in my own mind, so I was hurrying.

Whammo!  Zappo!  Blood started spraying out of my left index finger at about the same time that I felt a searing pain.  Rats!  I had sliced into my finger. 

Quickly I pressed my thumb into the injured finger, thinking it would stop the blood flow.  I still had more chopping to do so I shook of the idea of discomfort and kept going until the onion was completely sliced.  Sadly, there seemed to still be oozing blood that would not stop.  I think part of the problem was that I was using a serrated knife which did a whale of a job slicing through unresisting skin.

Finger sliced with the offending knife

After a while I washed the site well and realized that I had not sliced INTO my finger, I had sliced OFF some of the finger.  Icky!  Really icky!

Well, it did start healing but now, several days later every time I inadvertently tap that part of my finger into something, I know it!  Eventually it will heal completely; new skin will grow; and those quick zaps of sharp pain with recede into nothingness. At least, I expect that will happen.

SO  the tip of the day is:  be slow and methodical when chopping and slicing with a sharp knife.  And especially BE CAREFUL!  It slows up progress towards goal to have accidents.

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