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Thursday, September 1, 2016

Harvest Bonus Tip: Use Silpat!

For years I have had a Silpat-like mat.  Mostly it was hidden in my cupboard.  Recently I have tried a number of cost-cutting measures in the interest of family solidarity.  I had been purchasing annually two or more big packages of half-sheet-pan sized parchment paper since so many recipes call for that.

Since one package of the parchment at King Arthur Flour costs almost as much as a new genuine Silpat, I thought I would wait until I was totally out of parchment paper then purchase a Silpat.

That day arrived!.  I ordered a Silpat last Friday.  The Silpat arrived yesterday (Tuesday) and I immediately used it -- along with a second pan on the Silpat-like mat I had previously owned.  I also used it this morning, Wednesday.)  It works perfectly!

One caution that I must remind myself:  it is supposed to be stored flat, NOT folded.  I will have to be creative and figure out a place to do that.

(This is where the Harvest Bonus Tip comes in--roast your vegetables!)  So far I have just roasted two big batches of broccoli.  They both came out well on the real Silpat and only pretty well on the imitation Silpat.  I think cherry tomatoes roast up very well and hope to roast some of them soon.

Cookies are coming up soon, too.  I have heard that some cookies do less well on Silpat. I hope this is not correct.  Of course, I do not make cookies all that often. I wonder if Silpat will work with cinnamon buns....

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