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Tuesday, September 20, 2016

More on Toddler Hoodie Project

Yesterday I finished the little green and navy toddler hoodie sweater.  It came out pretty well.   I had hoped to find a 12-month-old toddler to try the sweater on to see if this is actually a true size.  Have not yet found one...

The completed sweater.
 The buttons are the cutest thing ever!  I was so happy to find these ladybird beetle buttons.

Buttons up closer

The detail of the stocking stitch that I was knitting early on, before I learned how to make the Norwegian purl.  You can see how every over row was uneven, making a sort of washboard-like look.  If you look at the hood, you can see that the Norwegian purl makes a much more even fabric.  
Detail of unevenly knit stockinette stitch.
Now to make the charity version for the Yarn Hound!

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