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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Handwork: Three Zippered Bags

Barnyard Quilts is a wonderful place.  The fabric is good.  The staff will machine quilt blankets that customers bring in.  They also have classes.  This last weekend there was a class on making three different zippered bags. 

One of my main vices is the collection of bags. I love bags. I REALLY love zippered bags of all kinds.  I have watched many YouTube videos on making zippered bags, since I much prefer bags that can be closed to keep the contents secure. Even watching all the videos, I did not get many new bags made.  I just needed a little one-on-one assistance, I guess.

These are the bags I made:

The yellow and gold fabric came from Four Pines Quilt shop.  The interior of the small bag shows the oilcloth interior.  The square bag has the same oilcloth interior.  The upright bag on the left has a self lining with the addition of interlining to give the sturdiness necessary to keep the bag upright when you want to fill it up.

The class was very enjoyable.  The teacher was remarkable. 

One pretty funny thing:  one of the young girls taking the class noticed when I was finishing the square bag.  She said, "Oh!  That is the same way you make the market bag!  You MUST make the market bag."

 I told her I like bags.  She said, "Me, too!  I have five purse hooks to hang up all my bags!"  A young woman after my own heart!

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