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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Yet Another Failed Food Project

Dear One LOVES hashed brown potatoes.  He likes the kind that are grated and then fried in oil so they are crispy. Well, who doesn't love those?!  BUT pretty often when I am grating the potatoes I am not totally focussed on that job and end up grating my hand or fingers.  This rather puts me off hashed browns for months, to tell you the truth.

Yesterday Dear One happened to go onto Facebook because Son #1 mentioned some photos he had put up that he was concerned would cause his mother terror. (They did!)  Especially since one of Son's hiking  companions had to be carried off the mountain...

Anyway, on Facebook was a hashed brown potato recipe that Dear One just had to have.  He mentioned it very sweetly.  An hour later he mentioned it again so I went to the page and found it.  Not just potatoes but butter, cheese, and eggs!  Anathema to anyone trying to eat plant-only foods.

Well, I love the guy so I did it.  No grating of fingers this time.  After rinsing the grated potatoes and putting them in a kitchen towel to wring them dry I added all the ingredients, stirred them up, used a portion scoop and plopped them onto the sheet pan.  Finally I pushed them into nice shapes.

This is how they came out:

Not at ALL like the looked on Facebook. I call them Failed Hashed Browns as opposed to the Cheesey Hash Brown Potatoes that may have been the name on Facebook.

Dear One said they tasted pretty good, though.

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