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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Knitting: #LIGHTtheWORLD Newborn Hat

This year our church has had a Christmas initiative where for 25 days we try to give service every day.  There is a website where some suggested acts of service are noted as well as a short (mostly under a minute) videos are shown.  It has been my privilege to send an email message out to our members as well as our family and other friends every day to give us a chance to light the world with our service.  As we give service,  we light up as well as those we serve.  At least, that is my experience.

One morning earlier this week, or maybe last week, I woke up somewhat after 2 AM.  Since I could not go back to sleep I sent out the daily email early then read it myself.  One of the suggestions for service was to knit a hat for a newborn in a local hospital.  Knitting being right  up my alley, I went upstairs to my yarn boxes and chose a nice light green and some needles then returned to my knitting chair beside the fire.

This hat was knit using worsted weight yarn (an orphan ball so I don't know the manufacturer) on US size 7 double-pointed needles. (My needles were not matching, but they worked!)

Cast on 56 stitches.

Knit one inch of K2, P2 ribbing.

Knit in stocking stitch until it measured  3.5 inches from cast on edge.

Crown decrease started with K2tog, K5 around. 

The alternating rounds were knit all around.

Next row:  K2tog, K4 around.

Etc  Ending with about 6 stitches on the needles.  Pull yarn through the stitches and secure.  Weave in ends. 

Give to the newborn nursery.

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