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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Knitting: Socks Pink, Socks Purple

Often when I have knitted socks in the past I have made two socks at once.  I used to do it with the Magic Loop method but more recently I have used "Two Socks on Two Circs"...sock knitting introduced to me by Cat Bordhi  knitting one sock on two circular needles which I found you can actually do two at once.

With my desire to finish up all in-progress projects this year, I picked up this "pair" of socks and finished them recently.  I had cast on at the toe and then worked increases until I had 64 stitches on the needles.  There was an actual pattern that I started to knit but found it too time-consuming to carry on with it and also thought that it was going to make socks that were too loose for me feet so I changed to Knit 2 Purl 2 ribbing for the instep and leg.  That worked fine and the funky start to the socks is hidden by my shoes.

Another thing I did as I picked up the socks again recently was to try a new-to-me method for the heel...a toe-up Dutch heel sort of.  I don't have the data with me at the moment but will share it more fully in a potential future post when I finish the second socks.  I will say that I thought I knew what I was doing and knitted merrily away until the heel flap was almost done when I realize I was wrong.  Ripping out all those stitches was a little annoying.  In order to stop without going to far, I inserted a size 1(US) circular needle across both socks then with I arrived there having ripped back, I just started re-knitting the correct way with the "other" circular needle.

These socks have not yet been blocked but they blocked up really well.  I wore this pair of socks to Church this week.  Think of all the nice people who either:  1.  did not notice the socks, or 2.  were so nice they did not mention to me that I was wearing two totally disparate socks...probably thinking/knowing for sure that I have gone over the edge mentally...!

Well, I don't mind wearing different socks.  They are kind of cool.  The great thing is they did not match ANYTHING ELSE I was wearing.  I am trying to decide if that means: 1.  I have total self-confidence, or 2. I am totally unaware of what I am doing....

Oh, one last thing on this pair of socks...I decided to stop at short socks.  They were perfect!

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