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Thursday, December 29, 2016

Sweet Treats: Congo Bars

One of our Christmas-dinner-guests-to-be had requested chocolate chip cookies for dinner.  I thought I could do that pretty easily...

By the day before Christmas  I thought of doing something along that line but a little more special.  I found a recipe for Congo Bars and decided to make them.  (The Six Sisters Stuff website has a ton of great recipes!  You will be glad you went to check it out.)

When I made them, I doubled the recipe and baked them in a half sheet pan.  That worked out very well...though it took a few extra minutes.   If you do that, be sure to take the pan out of the oven before they look totally cooked, just lightly browned.

So, the night before Christmas the bars were all cooked, cooled, cut, and contained in the cookie jar.  On Christmas morning I awoke at 4 AM,  reminiscent of when I was a child and drove our parents crazy getting up so early to check our stockings.  (One family history note:  the best Christmas morning ever was when my brothers and I woke up very early, went out to the barn, did all the calf chores, fed the cows, and got started on the milking so when our father came out to the barn at 5 AM all the peripheral work had been done and "all" he had to do was the rest of the milking.  We felt so wonderful that Christmas Day.)  On Christmas Day after Church we had a nice dinner.    Daughter-in-law A had made key lime and raspberry dessert (I don't know if this is the actual recipe she used but it gives you the idea) which it a fabulous treat.

Having been going full tilt all day for one reason or another I totally forgot the Congo Bars.  Can you believe it?!  Now they are sitting there in the cookie jar tempting me, tempting me, tempting me.  I am not strong.  YES I AM!!!!  I will find some way to dispose of them, not in my own gullet.

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