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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

DIY Building Project: DIY Craft Shelf/Cupboard

Here is a picture of the papercrafting shelf that Son #3 built for me out of 2 30-inch long, 2 12-inch long, and 1 11.5-inch long boards that were cut from 1 8 foot by 12 inch (actually only 11.5 or 11.75 inch) number 2 pine board.  The number 2 pine is the designation for boards that are smooth on both sides rather than construction grade that are rough on both sides, and premium that is really really smooth everywhere.  The premium is much more costly and the construction grade is so rough as to be impossible to use for finished work that will be often touched.  Too many slivers are a probability.

You will notice it took me no time to fill this cupboard up!  Also, notice that there is a cup hook screwed into the side of the cupboard where a power strip is installed for all the necessary plugs (phone, Ott light for ease in vision while crafting, Cricut Expression power cord, and other assorted temporary plug-ins).  There will soon be another cup hook installed for my nice metal yard stick which I use for so many craft projects in so many way.  Really, that yard stick is critically important to the craft room.  Often it is used to reach under and to the rear of obstructions when I drop something that rolls away from me.

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