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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Watercolor Painting: A Fail For Sure. Good for a Laugh. A BIG Laugh!

Today I went to paint with friends.  We painted from live models.

Here is the first model.  Well, here is my second painting of the first model.

What creature do you think it is?  I have had three "dinosaurs", an aardvark, and an anteater.  Dear One just asked, "WHAT IS IT?"

When you look at the next picture you will be able to tell what creatures we were painting.  I think.

Dear One looked at this one and laughed.  Later on I showed it to him up close.  His comment, "Oh, it is two of them.  I thought it was one dog with a bad chin!"  That is so funny.  I loved it.  I am still laughing.

Well, first attempts at anything are often less than stellar.  At this point I think I can say, without a LOT of work, I will not be a dog painter.


  1. Hey, I saw the first and thought, "that's a pretty good wolf."


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