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Thursday, March 16, 2017

People are Really Nice

Doesn't it make your heart just sing when you think about all the kindnesses people do for you?  Doesn't it make you want to be an even nicer person?  Well, it does me.  I had been thinking about how to organize the workroom so it was actually useful, and still available as a guestroom when someone needed a bed for a night or two.

Yesterday as I was driving along after doings some good works myself, the thought came to me how to improve on my organization in the workroom. 

It seemed that if I bought a 12" wide 8 ' long board that was smooth on both sides and cut it into 2 30-inch pieces, 2 12-inch pieces, and 1 11-inch piece then screwed them together, it would make a nice cabinet for some of the taller paper-crafting tools if I set it on my large table.

I went to the local lumberyard and was shown out to Larry who asked me what was up my sleeve.  He has helped me for 25 years at that lumberyard, often with crazy ideas.  He suggested #2 pine and thought we should look through the 16-footers so we could decide which end we wanted.  We found a nice enough one and took it to the saw room.  He actually cut the pieces exactly to my requested sizes!  Well, I knew he would if he was not too busy.  Such a kind man.  I went inside and someone helped me choose the right screws for the job. 

On my way home I thought I would stop in to see if Son #3 would want to pre-drill the screw holes for me, thereby saving Dear One a lot of frustration.  Well!  Son #3 not only pre-drilled the holes, he also installed the screws and in fifteen minutes I was on the road again.  The grandchildren were there and offered to help then pointed out that Dad had made a lot of cabinets and was really good at it.

So, there you have it....really nice people doing really nice things going beyond my wildest expectations.  So nice. I need to be nicer.

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