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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Papercrafting: Giant Paper Flowers

We had a papercrafting class at the local Michaels' store this week.  I had made a sample flower in purple.  To make the project as easy as possible, I photocopied the templates onto card stock.  This worked but had some disadvantages, i.e. the instructions showed on the petals and I didn't think to turn the petals the other side up.

When we actually had the class I drew around the templates that I had cut out from the card stock.  This worked well until putting together the petals I failed to erase the pencil marks or turn the petals over. Oh, well.  Still a nice enough flower.
For this flower I made a loose pompom for the center of the flower by way of embellishment.  I also attached a ribbon for a hanger.  When I took the picture, the glue was still wet so I could not put hang the flower to show it off to good advantage.

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