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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

First Attempt At A Lighthouse: Unfinished

One of the blessings of volunteering to teach a class for a lifelong learning program is that for every class you teach, you are allowed to take a class for free.  This spring I participated in an amazing watercolor class.  The teacher was wonderful.  The subject matter was inspirational.  I learned a ton.  I also learned that practice is critical to becoming any kind of artist.

This is my first attempt at a lighthouse.

In the future I think I will have an actual picture of a lighthouse in front of me. 

There is a nifty trick to making the lighthouse sides work right.  We took painters' tape, the low-tack blue stuff you get at the hardware store which is about an inch wide, and put it down on the paper before you start.  Shape it the way your want your lighthouse to look and cover all the space with the tape.  Now, go to town on the beach, rocks, ocean, spumes of crashing waves, clouds in the sky, and whatever else you want in the picture.  Have fun!  You can make it anything you want since it is your picture.

Since beginning this painting in class I have seen some really nice paintings.  When we visit the ocean again, I will take my camera along!  I  might even bring this painting along so I can renovate it into something more worthy of viewing...

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