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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Handwork: Ten-Stitch Spiral Blanket

Last year I did a LOT of knitting. I loved it. I was so happy to do that project.  Sadly, procrastination meant that I had a too-close deadline which caused too much knitting to be done in too short a time.  Thus, now I can only do a small amount of knitting before my hands and wrists complain.

Small projects and projects that are meant to go slowly is the new norm for me as I try to heal my knitting appendages.  A project I saw that caught my eye was the ten-stitch spiral blanket.  It takes ten stitches, as luck would have it...

Ten-stitch Spiral Knitted Blanket
A nice thing about this blanket is that you can use up dribs and drabs of yarn you have left over.  Having said that, however, it would be a good idea to have the yarn be the same weight.  Since there are lots of bits of yarn in my house, this seemed like a good way to use it up.  I am using US size 7 straight needles but that is only because they were in my knitting basket without any project on them. You could use whatever size needles work best with your yarn weight.

This blanket is worked in garter stitch so every stitch is the knit stitch. A great project for a beginner.  You start with a several-pie-wedge sections that you knit together into a circle then start the spiral outward by knitting 9 stitches then picking up and knitting together with a stitch from the previous "round".

It is pretty simple and rather mindless which is a great use of time at the end of the day when you want to accomplish something while just sitting like a lump in your wonderful rocking chair...perhaps all by yourself.

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