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Monday, June 6, 2016

Newsy BIts: Furry Friends

Recently there has been a lot of furry activity at our house.  In fact, in the whole community there has been a lot of black bear activity and controversy over the last six weeks or so.

Well, for our two cents:  last Friday night we had gone to bed and around 10 PM I heard a couple of thumps.  I asked Dear One if he had heard the noise.  Since he was asleep, he had not heard it.  Even so, he crawled out of bed and went to the east side of the house.

When he turned the light on, there was a big black bear going through our large wheeled trash bin....the thumps having been when the bear pulled the bin off the porch and down the steps to get a better handle on the contents.  He continued his trash-picking project, then, not finding anything but some crumpled up aluminum foil of any interest at all, he sauntered off to the compost pile.

Dear One finally came back to bed and fell instantly back to sleep.  I could not sleep...

The next day Dear One decided we should bring the wheeled trash bin into the kitchen at night, so that is the current evening activity just before bed.

Last night he had just gotten ready for bed and heard a noise.  This time it was a fat raccoon who was working on our closed recycling bins next to where the wheeled trash bin stays during the day.  Tapping on the window did not dismay the raccoon so Dear One opened the door and off trotted the creature.  A few minutes later:  more noise.  The coon was back!!  More encouragement to leave and he went away for the night.  I wonder if he will be back tonight.  There really is not much interesting in the recycling bins since everything is rinsed before inserting into a bin so I don't understand the attraction.

For myself, the furry friends that I am nearest are very enjoyable! 

On my trip to visit with our Western children and grandchildren I am at the middle portion of the trip and am with son number one and his family including his daughter who graduates high school soon.  They have three very darling little fur balls who have to be closed up in a room behind a shut door if I am to sleep without kami kazi foot attacks all night!  They are so cute....sleep all day, racket around all night.
Taiwan, Moscow, and Geneva

Tai--black,  Mossie--gray striped, and Gennie--white with black feet and face, are the sweetest, cutest little creatures.  Son number one said he would send two of them home with me. (They already have three adult cats, though one is 20 years old and close to expiration...) When I sent that message home in an email the response was: "No."  Just no.  I will enjoy them while we are together.

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