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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Watercolor Fun: Balloons!

When I was teaching a family history class this spring I had the blessing of having a famous watercolor artist (Ann Semprebon) in my class.  She offered watercolor lessons to me in exchange for more family history helps!  Is that a deal, or what!!!

So on Tuesday I went to her class for the first time.  She is starting from the beginning with me:  how to use the brush. I have loved each of the few classes I have previously attended but have never learned this stuff.  I have a LOT of work to do in learning how to manipulate the brush to get the effect I want.  Of course,  that assumes that I know what effect I want to achieve, I guess.

At this point I just want to put paint on paper and make it look like something.

When I finished playing with color at the end of the class I had about seven or eight cards full of color....not nice washes and not glazes but still, color.  One of the class members said, "You could make that into balloons!  That had never occurred to me but when I looked at the card with open eyes, there were some balloons!

Here they are:

Balloons discovered in color play at watercolor class.

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