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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Gardening: The Front Garden As I Left It

With the planned trip to visit granddaughter G's graduation I had to rush some plants into the ground in the front of the house.  These plants had been languishing beside the house underneath the water spigot for more than a week and were beginning to look rather wimpy.

Finally I put them into the ground.  Hope springs eternal and all that stuff, so I hope when I get home they will look better than they do here.

Front Garden: 27 May 2016

To the left you can see the flourishing rhubarb plant.  In the background are four tomato cages with tomatoes inside, one of which is Amish Paste Tomato for the first time, the others being heritage tomatoes of some kind whose names I have forgotten.  In the middle you can see green leaf lettuce interspersed with marigolds to keep the bad bugs away.  Hope, again!  To the right you can see red leaf lettuce.  In the sort of empty-looking part are some itty-bitty leeks, some garlic planted from seed last summer, and some chives that have been divided.  In the front of the garden you can see the lawn...

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