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Monday, June 27, 2016

Newsy Bits: The Walk--Started...

This morning it was blessedly cool and comfy when I woke up.  I decided to go for a long walk before breakfast.  I collected the house key on a lanyard, camera, ipad, and headphones, my stroller, and set off.

It was a glorious early morning with birds still singing their praises to Heavenly Father for the gorgeous earth He gave us all to enjoy.  The sun was bright and cheery.  There was a tiny breeze which kept any hardy bugs away, though I DID think about the possibility of ticks who had climbed the trees being borne onto my clothing or head by that breeze. Icky thought...

As I stepped on the road from our driveway, ahead of me, walking up the little hill, was a large black creature!  I stopped and watched it wend its leisurely way about twenty feet up the hill, then turn, and head back my way.  I took out the camera and, with shaking hand, I snapped a couple of bad pictures.  Of course, I was too scattered to take off the small lens and replace it with the long lens so I could get a really good picture....

Well, as the animal came closer, I knew absolutely that it was one of the "local bears".  (We have had a lot of bear activity in our neighborhood this spring.)  A few feet closer to me (about 150 feet away from me) the bear left the road and entered the neighbor's property by their pond.  I also turned around, and FLEW up the driveway to get home!

Actually, my thought, besides safety, was to get up on the porch and see if the bear came to our old compost pile that he had visited three weeks ago. There, from the security of the porch and an open door into the house, I could take a close-up picture of the bear. 

Well,  that picture idea turned out to be a fruitless hope as Dear One had started putting the compost into the nasty barrel instead of the convenient compost pile we started last year so there was no fresh compost to tempt the nose of that big, but skinny, bear.  He did not show up at the house after about twenty minutes so I went into the house and made a smoothy for Dear One's breakfast. I ate a nice kale salad with black beans.

Here is a poor picture of the bear in the distance:

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